Pair programming might be bad for introverts, but Agile teams can induce flow

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How to set up AWS S3 static website hosting with CloudFront and Route53. Handle SEO, HTTPS, logging, and more.

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Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is key to making websites work the way we want them to. How does it protect us from cyber-attacks?

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Deep dive into a question from the AWS Solutions Architecture Professional Exam about cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) and static web hosting.

Debounce user input and props with useCallback, useEffect, & useState. Also, learn how to create your own useDebounce custom React hook.

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  1. Debouncing a prop that is changing rapidly from a parent…

Using styled-components and Redux

How to right-size your AWS deployment.

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AWS Solutions Architect Series — Exam Prep

AWS Solutions Architect Series — Exam Prep

IPv4 has completely run out of IP addresses. All 4.3 billion addresses used. What now?

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